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Steve Schaaf

Standing 6’5′ and weighing 160 lbs soaking wet at age 17, I was always self conscious about my body. I was tired of feeling skinny and weak and decided to do something about it rather than complain and feel sorry for myself. I started up with a personal trainer who showed me the proper way to weight train and gave me the tools to go out and work out on my own. After five years of being hooked on the gym, I put on 70 lbs of muscle and my self confidence skyrocketed.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Sport’s Management and a minor in Exercise Science at Rutgers University I decided to work at a local gym where I was a front desk staff member for a few months. During that time, I decided to get certified as a trainer so I could help people get healthier and improve their self confidence, just as I had experienced.

After a few months, I was promoted as the gym’s only trainer and worked there for two years, during which I received my nutrition certification and established many close relationships with clients. I was approached daily to personally train and coach people of all sizes and age groups. I had to decline as I was unable to accommodate them at my current place of employment. Still I did my best to give as much advice on nutrition and workout plans as possible (see testimonials)

When the opportunity arose to train clients personally in my own facility with my desired equipment, my dream had come true! Tenacity Fitness was born and now I wakes up everyday looking forward to seeing my clients and members continue to elevate both their minds and bodies.


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