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Olivia Larosa

Hi, I’m Coach Liv! I’m a 3 year NASM personal trainer and Registered Dietitian. My love for movement and fitness began when I first picked up soccer at 3years old. I went on to play soccer, softball, and basketball. Even though I was always in-season I would take runs on my own because it was my way to decompress and relax. When I left for college I made the tough decision to forgo my sport due to chronic elbow tendonitis. When I got to Rutgers New Brunswick I felt like I had lost my identity, I had been an athlete for so long and now I wasn’t. While I did decide to play club softball and recreation soccer in college, It was at this time that I truly discovered my passion for the gym. I loved how I felt mentally and physically after a gym session. I loved the challenge of pushing myself to get better, but most of all,  it was fun for me. I started working at the gym my sophomore year and worked my way up to supervisor and then eventually was fully managing two of the gyms on campus. I also was a TA for 3 semesters for the Principles of strength and conditioning course. I earned my NASM certification at the end of July 2019 and began working as a personal trainer that August.

What I learned from my years of working in gyms was that the gym’s environment makes the difference, you want people to be willing to help you learn and push you to get better, and you want it to feel like it is an inclusive environment free from judgment. That is the narrative I and the other tenacity coaches hope to perpetuate!

Along with my fitness background, I have my BS in Nutritional Sciences and a Masters in Clinical Nutrition/ Public Health. I am a licensed and credentialed Registered Dietitian. So nutrition is my passion! I am so lucky that I have a career where I can change lives with my two passions of food and fitness!


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