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Carol Adams

I was introduced to strength training as a teen. I trained with my big brother and his powerlifting buddies in exchange for my willingness to help them load and unload the bar.

As they guided me through the Olympic lifts, I learned the importance of proper breathing, good form and nutrition. My training buddies also taught me that girls can be strong.

Then life happened. The years flew by and before I knew it, my health took a backseat to family and work obligations. As my weight increased, I frantically turned to every fad, gadget and quick fix I could find. Some of them worked, but not for very long.

When I met Bill and Steven, I was ready for a change. I hated where I was physically, and I knew the shortcuts didn’t work. They reintroduced me to a few old truths: there’s no substitute for hard work, good form, and nutrition. And yes, that girls (of any age), can be strong.

As my conditioning and my lifts improved, so did a few other things, like my weight, my cholesterol levels and my blood pressure. This turned out to be the most empowering truth of all. This is what fueled my desire to teach other women (and men) the lessons I’ve learned.

I became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and I am thrilled to join the team as Tenacity’s Women’s Fitness Specialist.

As the proud mom of two grown children, I get how easy it is to put yourself last. But renewing that commitment to yourself is the best way I know to ensure a shot at a future we all dream of… living a full, healthy life, enjoying the people and things that mean the most to us.


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